About Me

By the age of 25 I was diagnosed with 5 autoimmune conditions.

The constant  fatigue, and restrictions in my social life did not add to my happy youth years.  At this point, I decided I don’t want to identify as a patient the rest of my life, so I went off my medications*.

Only by using the power of my mind I was able to enjoy ten happy years with no chronic disease drugs. Until recently when my weight gain and bad food habits led me to a pre-diabetes condition and other worrying blood markers.

Thankfully in August 2021, an amazing person and leader – Jesse Macpherson, decided to create a 60-Days Club Fit Challenge within our organisation Seacret, with 2400 participants from across the globe.

I saw this as my way out, how to lose weight, get fit and get some of my energy back. Little did I know that this Challenge would mark the beginning of a series of events which lead to reversing pre-diabetes, losing 10kg, clearing my skin, getting my energy back…

…and I also just got accepted to study Human Nutrition in London as a Bachelor in Science…

During this time, I was very focused on getting my nutrition right and the more I learned, the more I realised that my current diet wouldn’t help me get healthier. So I started trying out different recipes at home substituting the unhealthier ingredients with healthier ones. 

At first, many of my recipes were a complete disaster!

Eventually I learned what works, what doesn’t work and end up enjoying healthy meals that are also tasty, delicious, yummy and easy to make. 

Of course I couldn’t do all this alone and here is the place for me to give thanks to 

  • the 2400 participants in our Club Fit Challenge for their support, great energy and all the professional information we found there.
  • Dr Howard Cohn who created the Nutritional line Life by Seacret
  • Dr Brooke Goldner for her healing Hyper-nourishing Protocol
  • Nathanial Darnell who pointed me to the right direction at the right moment
  • Coach Stefan Panov, from the app Better Me
  • Salsa factory, Romania, for “accepting me as I am :)” and letting me dance it out
  • My mum who sponsored several of these recipes and was the main taster while cooking in Brussels.
  • My dad who got excited about the benefits of cruciferous veggies and is now planting spinach grains in his garden under the Moroccan sun.
  • All my family and friends with whom we shared this time together with a lot of fun, dancing, moving and tasting my recipes 🙂
  • All my followers on Social Media who supported with likes, comments and shares – I hope you got value too.

And mainly myself for having the courage to believe that I deserve a better, healthier life, with more energy and vitality


Wherever you are in your journey – KEEP GOING!


P.S. I hope you will enjoy my carefully curated recipes and I cannot wait to hear how they turned out for you, so do not hesitate to leave a comment 🙂

*The content of this website should not be considered as medical advice, or a way to treat and cure any disease or medical condition. Please always consult with your medical practitioner and nutritionist regarding your medication and diet.