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www.sofiaelhatri.com is a personal food-blog created with the aim to help people improve their health through changes in their diet & lifestyle.

Disclaimer: None of the comments should be taken as a medical advise or considered as a way to treat or cure any disease. Please always refer back to your medical practitioner and Registered Dietitian for your specific situation.

Throughout this journey, I have found many who are also searching for better ways to improve health and with whom I relate. In the spirit of walking towards the same goal and fulfilling our Mission, i have found partners in crime with whom we collaborate in various ways.

At times, you may find my partnerships being expressed as product placements in recipes, social media promotions, gift cards… and others. Any sponsored and affiliate posts or links will be clearly stated.

If you would like to be the one collaborating with me, please contact me through the form below and I would be more than happy to meet another likeminded person on a Mission.

I am open to receive any comments, suggestions and ideas how to improve this platform which is a representation of what i see my followers want and need more of and how we can best serve together to make the World a Healthier Place!

I am wishing you and your closest ones, the happiest and healthiest life!

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