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In this section I would like to invite you to discover together the beauty of wellness beyond diet&lifestyle. I call it “The well-being of the whole-being”. I heard this phrase for the first time from one of the most visionary leaders I have ever followed and it just stuck with me… How great of an idea it is, to think of our experience on Earth as more than just one of the physical body, but as a whole being. And before you move on to the next blog, thinking it’s getting too spiritual, I want you to know that I am talking about science and philosophy combined, to create one of the best explanation of how we can Live Life fully. It is the theory and practice showing that everything affects each other, and how all areas of life affect each other.

Haven’t you notice that when you just got promoted at your job, suddenly your body doesn’t ache as much? And haven’t you notice that when you have a big headache, it doesn’t really matter that your boyfriend just gave you flowers – your boy pain, affects your relationship. Your career affects your health, your spirituality affects your family relationships and so on and so on..

From centuries humanity is trying to find to find answers to better understand our existence and to give us guidance how to go through life with the wisdom of our predecessors. Well, this is the best road-map i have ever seen so far.

It was presented to me for the first time by the one and only Tony Robbins on one of his trainings in London “Unleash the Power Within”. I flew from another country, on my own, without knowing anybody else there, with the sole purpose of knowing the one person i really need to know – myself.

And here is how the journey begun… 7 years later, I have been to between 3 to 9 training events per year – regional, national or international events, Live or online, meeting people from all over the world, testifying of how the knowledge of how all Areas of Life are affecting each other and how they have found a way to master the balance between them , has affected positively their Mind, Body and Spirit.

So, this is why I decided that in my Wellness section I would like to give you a wider perspective on life and discovering together the WHEEL OF LIFE .

It was thanks to my friends and great leaders Cosmin Tronaru and Bogdan Battar in their amazing program https://zidezi.eu/ that I was able to also put in practice some of the methods and learn even more about the Power of awareness and understanding better our existence.

One of the areas of life that I was really unaware of was exactly HEALTH. My health has declined multiple times throughout the years, actually i must say i have never experience being fully healthy, except for last year when i started the Nutritional products of Dr Howard Cohn and the healing protocol of dr Brooke Goldner.


I cannot forget the rush of energy i felt 2 weeks into the program and how it stayed there and grew for 10 months! it was incredible… Until i stopped doing what was working and started experimenting. So i can definitely tell you what did and what didn’t work for me. Not only did this journey improve my life, but I got inspired to be able to better the life of others, therefore I packed my stuff, moved out, and flew in anther country to be able to study Human Nutrition in London Metropolitan University. After only 1 year in it, i knew I wanted to be able to make an even bigger impact, so I applied for Dietetics; hoping to be a registered Dietitian some day – cross fingers for me…

Meanwhile I am cooking all day every day, experimenting with different combinations, learning from the best plant-based registered dieticians and practitioners in the world, even going in the lab and putting spinach under the microscope to be able to have the information first hand and then give it to you all guys.

But i know, that as much as I was paying attention at my Nutrition and body movement during the best period of my life, I knew that there was something more at play. I was ready. My mind was ready. And i want to help you experience readiness…Because when you have made a decision 100%, the work becomes effortless.

Recently Dr Brooke Goldner cited: “99% is a struggle, 100% is a breeze” . And there is a way how to get there. And somehow having a few areas of life already stable, does help for you to make the transition to a healthier life. So, here we go – let’s enjoy together this path towards our better lives and hope you can trust me that i am there next to you for every step of the way.

Feel free to contact me at any time, to share your journey with me , it will be an honor.

Wherever you are in your journey – keep going!

I believe in YOU


Sofia El Hatri